Crypto crook scam connect your Wallet

If your unsure do NOT Connect your Wallet to a website that’s asking you too.

Usually the page will be full of this site is secure , Number 1 Security App it mstalled , your wallet is safe here . Once you give permission to a crypto crook to connect to your wallet you will find your wallet empty.

avoid scams crypto crooks

The Best Ways to Avoid Being Scammed by any Crypto Crooks.

Do not Give your Private Keys , Secret Phrase or Passwords to anybody, Any Bonafide Crypto Website will NEVER ASK fo these.

never give your sectet phrase

Do not Click on any link from suspicious emails claiming your account has been hacked and you need to verify your account details straight away to secure your account. N B  if your account has been hacked the company will already lock your account and ask you to contact them using previous contact details, which you should always double check on the internet.

All coins with Shiba and doge in the name apart from the originals are sbery shady

Do not buy any crypto coins that have Shiba or Doge In unless it’s Dogecoin $Doge or Shiba Inu $Shiba , there’s so many scam coins circulating using Shiba and doge in there name it’s unbelievable.N B Coinmaarketcap ate the best place to verify contract details and also read other peoples cmentss on different coins / Crypto Tokens